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Tips For Maytag Appliance Repair

Just like any other appliance in your home, your Maytag washer and dryer will need occasional maintenance and even repair. However, what is important for you to realize, is that while some maintenance can be easily done at home, you shouldn’t attempt to repair your appliances yourself. Here are a few easy tips for keeping your appliances in good working condition.

1. Clean Vent Filters

One of the biggest dangers for your Maytag dryer is built up lint in the lint trap. As this lint builds up it becomes a significant fire hazard and will catch on given the change. To prevent this, invest in a lint brush for your dryer. While you should be cleaning the lint filter every load or two, at least every week or two use the brush to clean out the vent itself to capture whatever lint was able to bypass the filter. This will help keep your fire risk down significantly.

2. Clean Washer Drum

Many people think that a washing machine won’t get dirty because it constantly has soap running through it, however, this isn’t true, particularly for front loaders. It is important that you are cleaning the tub at least every 6 weeks with a environmentally friendly washing machine cleaner. This cleaner will break up dirt, great, water, and soap scum that has built up along the water jets in your machine. This build up will, over time, block the jets and could eventually cause your washer to over heat. Additionally, for front loaders, be sure to clean the rubber seals around the door, these seals can get moldy and the mold will eventually eat them away
causing leaking.

3. Use the Warranty

When it comes to service and repair, few things are more handy than a warranty. Many warranties cover year yearly check-ups for the appliance so it is important to have the appliances inspected at least once a year. If your policy is about to expire consider extending or purchasing appliance coverage through your homeowners insurance. This ensures that should you have a problem that needs professional service, you don’t have to come out of pocket for it.

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