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Choosing A Dryer Repair Company

People don’t realize how much they depend on appliances such as washing machines and dryers until they malfunction or break. Choosing the right repair company can minimize lots of headaches, but what makes such a company good? The truth is that excellent washer and dryer repair companies come in all shapes and sizes. Some may be chain services, while others are locally owned businesses. Some focus more on personal service, while others focus on providing better deals.

However, one thing all good companies have in common is some sort of balance in quality price and quality service. They hire certified technicians and make this information readily available on their websites and their employees’ business cards. A good company promptly responds to requests for assistance and provides an estimate as to when a technician can look at a washer or dryer. The technician calls at least fifteen minutes ahead of his arrival time and actually shows up on time. His or her estimate includes the work that needs to be done, length of time and estimated cost. These estimates should compare favorably with equivalent companies. A reputable company also provides a free or low-cost warranty to guarantee its work. The document should be written in simple English, be jargon-free and not contain tricks or loopholes.

Technicians should report for duty in uniforms that project confidence and professionalism to customers. They are courteous and willing to answer customers’ questions and explain problems thoroughly.

A good dryer repair company should also be able to work with various dryer brands. If it cannot fix a particular dryer, it is honest with the customer about it and recommends another company that can do the job. It leaves customers happy and more than willing to pass on recommendations to their friends. Word of mouth is often a key method of advertising for companies, as are phone books, online listings and websites. A reputable company may not fix only dryers. It may also deal with washers, dishwashers and other appliances, but its advertising will mention that it repairs dryers. A company’s website should list how long the company has been in business and the average years of experience for its employees. Stability and longevity are key indicators of reliable companies, although newer companies can be just as good. A company’s licensing and insurance information should be featured under “ABOUT US” or in a similar area.

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